Recycling container delivery

If you would like to gradually recycle the metal on your site or mine, we can deliver a container so that you may salvage wear plates and other metals piling up on your worksite. When the container is full, simply call us. In less than a week, we will come by to pick up your metal and leave you a new empty recycling container. We will then weigh your metal and pay you a fair price.

Metal waste collection

Don’t throw out any copper, wire, brass, lead, stainless steel or metal polluting your yard, place them in our recycling container. We will pick up your metal waste, buy it from you and resell it to foundries. Your old unused metals will get a second life. In addition, we will pay you fair market price. If you have an abandoned building, we can also clean it by collecting all metal parts.

Dismantling and restoring mine sites

If you need to close a mine, salvage metal after a fire or clean an old building, we have solid equipment specially designed for dismantling your installations. We also have the permit required to collect iron, aluminum, lead, copper and all other valuable metals. Our dismantling manager makes sure to find cost-effective solutions for cleaning your site and he supervises each step of the restoration process in order to maximize the salvage.

Reasons to call upon Legault Métal Inc.


We have been collecting, sorting and recycling your unneeded metals for over 50 years. We go to your site to offer exceptional service. Our dismantling and salvaging expertise is renowned.

About the company


Efficiency and speed is our motto for retrieving and salvaging metals that clutter up your worksite. Everything is optimized to minimise the time required and maximize the price you will receive for your metal.

Our services


With diverse and specialized equipment, we can salvage and transform your various cumbersome metals. We use the sturdiest and most precise machinery on the market.

Our facilities


We are easy to find. With 4 addresses in the Abitibi region, Legault Métal is always near your site or home. You may also drop off your metals directly by following this route.

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Metal prices

Legault Métal guarantees the best price for your copper, brass, lead, aluminum, stainless steel and iron. We pay per pound and per ton according to the trading price. We collect and you get paid.

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